Find and Link Groups of related SAE Records

Create groups of Safety Data Records for your clinical reconciliation and select which data items to include in each group; decide if you need a complete match or what discrepancies are acceptable. Flag the already reviewed groups.

eReconciliation® simplifies the reconciliation operations by allowing to assemble data into groups and manage these in a consistent way.  Following Actions can be set at the level of the group making clinical reconciliation operations faster and more consistent.

For a given group, you may review the level of correspondence, checking only the fields that need an exact matching and reviewing the other to understand and detect any discrepancy. Once created each records' group can be reviewed, assigned to further actions, and updated following data changes 

Find and Link related SAE Data records


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eReconciliation® features: Import & Compare SAE Datasets side-by-side

Import SAE Datasets from any Clinical or Safety database and compare data from as many sources as needed, even within the same single database.

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eReconciliationĀ® features: Manage Reconciliation Operations with Workflows

The eReconciliation® software solution offers operational features that help manage all Safety Data Reconciliation-related operations such as task assignment and workflow, with helpful functionalities in case of staff turnover and outsourcing.

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SAE Reconciliation Process Checklist Download

Download a checklist that describes every step of the SAE Data Reconciliation Process. This is an essential document for all Pharmacovigilance professionals to better plan and manage the AE Reconciliation operations at their studies.

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