Manage Safety Data Reconciliation with Workflows

The eReconciliation® software solution offers operational features that help manage all Safety Data Reconciliation-related operations such as task assignment and workflow, with helpful functionalities in case of staff turnover and outsourcing.

The eReconciliation® software solution incorporates some task management features like actions and workflows. One of the most useful features is the ability to produce reports that can be browsed and filtered in real time. 

In addition, all the SAE reconciliation operations categories can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and used for several operations such as coordination with monitoring visits and site-specific SAE reconciliation actions. The spreadsheet can also be used to support a seamless task handover, for example in case of staff turnover or outsourcing, and for performing a final check prior to database lock.

Manage SAE Reconciliation with Actins and Workflows


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eReconciliation® features: Find and Link Groups of related SAE Records

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eReconciliation® features: Automatically Detects and Flags changes/ SAE discrepancies

With eReconciliation®, users can easily detect updates in real time and keep reconciliation operations ongoing during the course of the trial, saving valuable time on submission preparation date.

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SAE Reconciliation Process Checklist Download

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