Track & Manage SAE Data Updates during Time

Adverse Events Reconciliation can be time-consuming because of updates in source data (e.g. follow-ups). With eReconciliation®, users can easily detect updates in real time and keep reconciliation operations ongoing during the course of the trial, saving valuable time on submission preparation date.

Because eReconciliation® can automatically detect and alert for changes in source datasets in real time, clinical teams no longer need to wait until the end of the study to perform the adverse event reconciliation. Users can focus their attention on the items that changed when performing the adverse event reconciliation, for example following a MedDra upgrade.

As users easily and efficiently perform adverse event reconciliation during the course of the study, they save valuable time at database lock and ultimately on the submission date.

Detect and Manage SAE Data Changes


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eReconciliation® features: Manage Reconciliation Operations with Workflows

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