Automatically match groups of reconcilied records using AI

By adding artificial intelligence to the software automation engine,eReconciliation® aims to further reduce the burden associated with safety data reconciliation and continue to strengthen the quality of safety data.

The new version of eReconciliation® uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the automating performance of matching SAE Records. Now eReconciliation® can detect matches that cannot be normally found based on text strings comparision. 

Outputs of the manual review performed on remainder records are used to teach the AI algorithm. Each manual review feeds the algorithm with new information, gradually fine-tuning the engine capabilities.

AE data reconciliation automation powered by artificial Intelligence is particularly fit for long studies with high volumes of data or companies like CROs working with heterogeneous data environments.

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eReconciliation® features: Import & Compare SAE Datasets side-by-side

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eReconciliation® features: Manage Reconciliation Operations with Workflows

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SAE Reconciliation Process Checklist Download

Download a checklist that describes every step of the SAE Data Reconciliation Process. This is an essential document for all Pharmacovigilance professionals to better plan and manage the AE Reconciliation operations at their studies.

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